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What is God? (p. 43)

God is an extremely practical being; totally adaptable and easily malleable, at any time usable according to requirements, and has a silent and devoted effect. Without contradicting or complaining, he disappears into oblivion as soon as he is no longer needed. So after having made use of God, you can quietly push him into the background or into a drawer and take him out in the case of need. Everything thinks that he would be his or her God………….. If something goes wrong, he is supposed to repair it urgently, as we please………… He is a truly poor wretch who feels nothing of the good days and is beaten on bad days.


Creation is an infinite game without any rules
(p. 58)

The creation is a great game. The one who has everything in mind tries out all opportunities, discards some of them and improves others. And then he only pursues the opportunities which he likes. This giant bunch of universes consequently contains all conceivable variations. While our universe contains matter and anti-matter atoms, anti-matter with atoms exists in other universes whereas the matter belonging to it has no atoms; even material dimensions without atoms exist. “God does not throw dice” – in that respect Einstein was mistaken, on the contrary – God is the biggest player that I know………….. Chaos is the sum of all possibilities and the (apparently) aimless waste of energy but perhaps we sometimes get this impression only because we have lost sight of the goal and miss the wood for the trees.


Time-space continuum – always and everywhere
(p. 59)

At the beginning of the creation there is only time and space as defined by Einstein. The space is curved and the time is expansible; from null space and endless time to zero time and endless space there are all conceivable variations and combinations. Depending on the standpoint of the viewer the time goes forward or backward. The “time’s arrow” which had been invented by some philosophers therefore only indicates that they have not understood anything……….



Satan – www.666 (p. 99)

Satan is the sum of all negative spirits. He presently recruits himself mainly out of human spirits because there are currently as many negative spirits as never before on our planet. The sum forms a new self with unimagined capabilities. This represents another quantum leap…………..

Now there is no battle of representatives during which the original fights on only one side. God is not far from the place where Satan acts. The presence of the one always supposes the presence of the other………….


Immoral Business (p. 103)

Is the whole equities business therefore immoral?

Yes! Because they have stolen it from the other ones. At the time of Jesus it had been clear: If someone possessed too many sheep – more than he needed by no stretch of imagination – he would be a rich man who had probably wrangled the sheep out of poor people and in particular widows. For this reason it would have been a problem for the rich man to enter the heavenly realm because after all he was a professional thief and swindler.
And what it is the difference to nowadays?
Everything is perishable: Grain perishes, fruit perishes, the cow perishes, the human being perishes; only money does not perish. Money persists. And this unique property of course seduces to hoard money, to amass riches and increase them as quick as possible and in a tricky manner.


Money in the Cyberspace (p. 103)

Over the last 30 years the worldwide quantity of goods was quadrupled and the quantity of money was increased forty times, however, not in reality but again only in the virtual computer space and not even on paper. For this reason the rich ones who complain now about the enormous losses have in reality not lost anything at all. They have never possessed their riches because there had never existed more than the real money of the numerous small investors.

Food for thought for physicists (p. 117)

Black holes collect mass….. White holes collect energy,…… Wormholes are time holes……… Time holes lead into another dimension.




The cultural messengers (p. 137)

If someone is dressed properly and neatly this is called civilisation; if his underwear is clean as well this is called culture…… Apart from the fact that new discoveries raise questions which mess up our entire existing knowledge about prehistory 1 one cannot shake off the impression that our culture had evolved in Egypt even though the Egyptians had to a large extent “copied” from the Sumer…… The Gods – no matter if they came from the Sirius system, the planet Nibiru (planet of transit) or Hoova, the planet of the God Je-hova or elsewhere – brought along the civilisations and the culture…… During their fights or conflicts over a certain territory the rivalling divine clans did not shrink back from using nuclear and energy weapons which is by the way also reported from the Indian and Chinese circle of culture. 6 For example they destroyed the space airport on the Sinai which a certain Abram (hardly a nomadic shepherd!) had successfully defended with nuclear weapons and “incidentally” the cities Sodom and Gomorrha were destructed as well……


Climate protection (p. 176)

Carbon dioxide is heavier than air and is contained in the atmosphere of the earth with a volume fraction of approx. 0.03% which represents 0.3 per mill. However, this tiny share is truly worth to pounce on it because one can be certain that nothing will really change at this height……..… Furthermore the earth represents an open eco system and not a closed greenhouse. A “constantly open atmospheric radiation window” which cannot be closed by the absorption lines of water vapour and carbon dioxide and due to which 70 to 90% of the heat radiation of the earth’s surface can evade into the space in an unimpeded manner exists in the wavelength range between 7 and 13 micrometers. The drop of temperature at night, when the sun has set, arises from this……..… By the way the Mars has within the past few hundred years achieved a significantly higher global warming than our earth without any industrial and car exhaust gases. Hard-working, isn’t it? In the past 30 years of the 20th century this had been after all 0.65 °C. Perhaps this can be attributed to the fact that its distance to the sun is permanently changing? In comparison the earth was warmed up by only 0.7 °C in the past century.


The religions (p. 192)

In the realm of mystics everyone can concoct whatever he wants; the more abnormal, the more out of touch with the real world. Any crazy and perverted ideas are elevated to the status of a “supreme faith”. A prime example of this is Angela of Foligno, “the bride of Christ in the valley of Spoleto” who took off all her clothes in her ecstatic mania and “completely offered herself“ 3 to the crucified Son of God. And after the Holy Spirit had finally and entirely taken possession of her, she was absolutely certain that she had in her earthly life already been elevated into the most supreme position of the woman who had been loved most by Christ. Jesus, “the heavenly beloved one” has legions of such “brides”. He beats every harem by far.

Old testament (p. 205 and 207)

But whoever searches shall find and even if he has to invent it in the truest sense of the word:
the “BIBLE as we know it” (please keep this expression in mind) emerged during the second Babylonian Imprisonment of the Jewish people between 587 and at the latest 539 BC when the Babylonians were defeated by the Persians and Israel wandered back to Jerusalem. Everything which took place before is based on the tradition of four ethnic groups whose folk myths which were created in the dark recesses of history were over the centuries  substantiated, perfected and attributed to the respective leader personalities by another four groups of scribes and were finally combined to form the “history of a people with a belief in only one God”. The academic claim that the Bible would be an anthology, thus a collection of poems which was frequently rewritten, abridged and complemented several times over the centuries can actually not be not contradicted………… the following inscription was found in 1968 during rescue excavations in gravesites in South Israel in a robbed grave from the 8th century BC: “Blessed be X (name of the deceased person) by JHWH and his Asherah” This means that God had a wife!! This woman was the old Canaanite mother goddess that is portrayed in thousands of small statues with a huge bosom which she holds at the height of her belly – so to speak a truly divine vintage bra.


“Death and resurrection” of Jesus (p. 229)

The scientific part can be told rather quickly: The “vinegar” on the sponge which was handed over to Jesus for drinking was nothing but an anaesthetic (probably with opium). Essene therapists were familiar with such poisonous mixtures. Jesus was soon hanging on the cross as if he would be dead.  The large quantities of “herbs” which were according to a certain version hauled up by the women on Sunday – these loads of wound healing myrrh and aloe were in reality still brought by Nicodemus on the day of the death. All which was still needed was a cloth into which the seemingly dead person could be wrapped with all the healing ingredients. The Shroud of Turin – which was very soon revered and hidden!!! – originates from this time and area and this is proven rather by pollens than by the dubious radiocarbon method. And the blood of a dead person is not flowing upward. So much for the facts………..


The shroud of Turin (p. 230)

Barrie Schwortz, a member of the research project about the Shroud of Turin, meant that it could not be a falsification because no artist of the Middle Ages could have been able to predict the invention of the fluorescence photography and to conceal such serum stains so that they would be found 700 years later.
After the scientists did not want to let the matter rest, the learned actor and comedian Karol Wojtyla staged ten years later a picture-perfect and primitive knockout comedy. Beforehand he had corresponding tests carried out by his own scientists; they knew therefore exactly from which position one had to cut out a piece in order to obtain the desired result. In any case the shroud was not allowed to be authentic, because if blood had flown upward, Jesus would actually still have been alive. This was not supposed to happen, because otherwise our theory about the redemption on the cross would potentially be up the spout!


The church (p. 237 – 239)

Jesus did definitely not found any church. His main concern was the community of the faithful (some people also say community of “the saints”) – which are people with the same attitude of life………. It is certain that Paul is in the hereafter – in contrast to Mary – no king because there is too much nonsense for which he has to be held responsible. He was “too wild and useless” (remark of Theo), thus a real convert who nailed not only his own life but also the lives of billions of other people permanently to the cross………… In contrast to his ground personnel God is neither a vengeful herald of a threatening message nor a jealous and poisonous dwarf that punishes even the most minor offences of his majesty with the eternal hell-fire but informed and free persons are difficult to control and barely afraid anymore………..


Financial economy (p. 271 – 273)

Twilight of the Gods

They are heading corporations
and are simply playing God there
They are standing proudly somewhere in the distance
as rather dark black holes next to the stars
and their souls had long before gone bankrupt.

They divide our world into debit and credit.
This alone lends a meaning to their lives.
If we hope for indulgent gifts from them,
we should quickly bury these hopes,
because indulgent gifts lessen the profits.

The world needs to dance to their tune
because if they whistle, they whistle globally.
Their heaven are the shares and finances
and their Bible the corporate balance sheets
and their divinity the capital.

In former times it was said that money is not lost but is simply lying elsewhere according to the motto “Go on holiday in the Caribbean, your money is already there”. However, since the financial economy has disconnected itself from the real economy and bloated itself into an independent gaseous giant, this is unfortunately no longer correct. For example Porsche “earned” in 2008 more with speculations than with the sale of cars.

The new monetary system (p. 274 – 276)

Therefore we need:
A practicable system without interest according to which all nations can work at a domestic level and among each other.
This monetary system needs to make sure that money cannot be hoarded but is constantly flowing. This means that money must not be amassed at home; money needs to flow constantly………..

Flexible exchange rates between the currencies – which do in most cases correspond to the national states – need to balance the differences between the economic power of the individual economies. These rates need to be based on reality, in contrast to our todays’ exchange rates which are manipulated by the same groups that also produce the unrestrained multiplication of money only with the purpose to feign a monetary value to us which has long before ceased to exist.

The quantity of money of this quantity currency must not exceed the quantity of the goods and services. Moreover it needs to be established flexibly in accordance with booms and downturns. Economies need to be able to grow and shrink without any problems.


New Medicine of God (p. 287 – 289)

It can be assumed that the creator of nature has instead also supplied the corresponding BIOLOGICAL REPAIR PROGRAMME for various unexpected “vicissitudes of life” to his animated creation. This is an automatic mechanism which is completely independent of the will of the concerned person and according to which every creature can restore the balance which was turned completely upside down if one simply allows it………. The business with illnesses including the business with the so called alternative medicines is thriving.  And the costs are exploding from one billion of Euros in 1950 via  30 billions of Euros in 1975 to the impressive amount of 300 billions of Euros in 2003 per year in Germany alone……….. the chemotherapy does the same thing as Chernobyl but in a more targeted way and moreover you do not have to travel so far. Correctly one would need to speak here of a murder by degrees because after all 95% of all cancer patients are dead after five years while in the case of the New Medicine 90% survive if one “lets the dear God reign”. God is not interested in making business but in healing people.


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  1. This is a wonderful wonderfil message indeed. It has change my point of view about believing in God and noticing the true God. Now I completely believe in the real God. Thanks to you.


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